Collection one celebrates the traditional Malian fabrics; Basilan, Gala & Finikönö. The fabrics are handwoven and plant dyed in the Sahel desert of Mali, the home of the people of the Dogon. With a history of over 2000 years, Malian fabrics have earned an important place in traditional Malian Culture.


The making of the cloth is a time and labour-intensive process. The cloth is made from locally grown cotton, picked by hand and manually spun and woven into small strips that are still clearly visible on the products. First, the fabric is soaked into a solution of n’gallama & n’tjankara leaves and dried in the sun. Second, the cloth is soaked in a new solution of trees, leaves & seeds. This step is repeated up to 6 to 8 times until the colour saturation is deep and rich. Each artisan has their own dying recipe and therefore colours can differ from product to product.

The spirit of the Malian cloth
The natural colouring ingredients - extracts of leaves, bark and roots, and the energy of the fierce African sun - give the cotton fabric not only its intense and lively colours but are also believed to infuse the fabrics with protective, strengthening and curative powers. For that reason, the cloth is worn by the people of the Dogon during important events in their community such as hunting, pregnancy, initiation into womanhood & many other vital ceremonies.