Elle La. Traditional fabrics in premium interior goods

Elle La launched in the summer of 2020. Honoring age-old textile traditions and supporting the artisans who uphold these traditions was the inspiration for Elle La. I aspire to genuinely connect you to my products by telling you the story of the makers, the origin of their art, and the natural ingredients used to create all our products.


Textiles carry an incredible history and have amazing stories to tell. Every 12 months I will launch a new collection as a tribute to one particular textile tradition, exclusively working with natural fibres and dyes.

Collection one celebrates the traditional Malian fabrics; Basilan, Gala & Finimugu, handmade in West-Africa. Read & watch more in collections.


Made in Amsterdam

Elle La’s interior goods are made with upmost care in the centre of Amsterdam, in collaboration with Atelier Made Here.

Atelier Made Here is a cooperative aiming to bring manufacturing back to the Netherlands, reduce carbon footprint and stimulate “slow fashion”. The skilled craftsman work with meticulous attention to detail, coming from countries like Syria and Iraq.

Working with a local manufacturer enables us to reduce emissions, support our local economy and produce on a smaller scale, based on real demand.

Natural materials

Elle La carefully chooses her materials, aiming for naturalness, longevity and durability.

Recycled filling - The filling is recycled down feathers. In collaboration with the Amsterdam based thrift-shop De Lokatie we collect second- hand feather bedding which is cleaned and purified by bedding company Ducky dons in accordance with the ‘Responsible Down Standard’ (RDS). 100% cotton - All fabrics used in this collection are 100% cotton. Handpicked, hand-spun & handwoven in Mali.

Natural dyes - The plant-based dyes ensure non-toxicity. Natural pigments infuse the fabrics with warm & lively colors which are hard to find in synthetic coloring.